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We discovered Molly B’s gluten free kitchen products at the Wednesday Farmers Market at Montgomery’s Inn a few years ago.
As a person who was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy, I missed Pizza Nights with my Family.
Molly’s ‘s Pizza Crusts are now always in my freezer and are a firm favourite at the cottage, too!
We have just discovered the Sugarless Fruit Muffins and they are delicious!
Using only the natural sugars from the fruit , it’s a total win for those who must watch their carbs and glucose levels.

The products are stamped with these 3 words...
made with love
We love you Molly B’s

Diane M

I was super excited when I found Molly B's Gluten Free Kitchen at a Saturday Market! Not only am I gluten free & vegan but I also avoid eating ingredients like corn, soy, canola oil & natural flavouring. Which can make buying anything a challenge! I'm obsessed with their pizza crusts & my son loves them too, which means they are really good!! The owners are super friendly, helpful & informative! I look forward to picking up more items from them at markets soon & buying some of their online products!!! Thank you Molly B's Gluten Free Kitchen for really caring about the quality of your ingredients- you are a rare gem!

Kristen O

This winter my family has grown to love your flax pizza crust. We had been purchasing it from you at the Terra Market.

Jaime T.

I have a sensitive stomach and a severe allergy to gluten. Molly B's products are SOOOOO delicious and I never get sick! Their pizza flatbreads are amazing (even alone with olive oil but especially made into pizzas), and their pumpernickel is the stuff dreams are made of (LOL - but really), all the foods I miss after I was diagnosed with this allergy, but none of the aches! So many great baked goods I can't even name them all, I LOVE them all!

Sonia M.

I am Lebanese, and I loved finding a flat bread I could spread Za’atar on. Molly B’s Gluten Free Flatbreads has been a delight in replacing the man'oushe bread I used to eat as a kid, bringing back vivid memories of picking one up after school in Beirut!

Julian C.

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