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Welcome to the Molly B’s Gluten Free Kitchen website

Welcome to the Molly B’s Gluten Free Kitchen website. If this is your first visit, please be assured we’re going to be adding to it and giving you more of what you’re looking for. If you’ve been here before, I hope you enjoy our new look and would certainly welcome your comments.

When we started Molly B’s, we had no idea what the reaction to our recipes might be. All we knew was that there was no excuse for food that wasn’t even tasty enough to serve to family and guests. Personally, I’ve always found great joy in good food, and I was resolved that our recipes would deliver the best we could serve, and use only quality ingredients.

At Molly B’s, we think of you and your family as our guests. People with gluten free sensitivities, celiac disease, or who are concerned about undue additives and preservatives in their diet and want a healthy alternative, have fewer choices on what eat. But at least they should taste good! At Molly B’s, we have a simple rule: if it doesn’t taste good, we don’t sell it. It’s that simple. As we expand our website to include more information to help you make smart choices, and share responses with you from our many wonderful customers, I hope we can help you re-discover the pleasure of eating tasty foods that also are good for you. Come back and visit soon. And remember, please send us your comments or suggestions; we’d love to hear from you!

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